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The Speedy Pro Recovery Formula
Recovery is the most important part in workout schedule or even during and after any illness. Casein is trusted anti-catabolic protein. Whey is proven anabolic protein. Naturally human milk contains approx 40% Whey and 60% Casein protein of total protein present in mother’s milk. Following the nature, REPLEVIN PRO is proven formula to recover from regular workout wear& tear.
The high quality Micellar Casein, Purest micro-filtered Whey imported from world’s leading manufacturer & Curcumin is perfect blend of recovery formula. This helps in making positive nitrogen balance and inhibition of biochemical markers responsible for inhibition of recovery

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Replevin is one and only recovery formula that addresses all recovery related requirements of the body.
Replevin provides appropriate array of required amino acids for sustainable peak from combination of fast digesting whey and slow digesting casein. Added with world’s most documented and studied Curcumin for inhibiting the effect of exercise induced harmful biochemicals.
While amino acids of Replevin helps to increase muscle protein synthesis and faster repair, curcumin reverse the factors responsible for delayed recovery.
Results obtained from studies has proven benefits of Replevin in muscles recovery, bone joints repair and strengthen the bone joints, reduces biochemical markers of pain and inflammation.
Apart from exercise recovery, Replevin has excellent role as therapeutic nutrition in Diabetes for sarcopenia management, Cancer and cancer treatment including chemotherapy and radio therapy, Arthritis, Trauma, post surgical recovery and liver disease.​​

Recommended Dose: 35 gm (One Scoop)
Serving Size: 1 scoop of approx. 35 g
Recommended uses: In a shaker add 200 ml water or milk, add 1 scoop of REPLEVIN powder, close lid tightly and shake well. Do not store prepared solution for more than 30 mins.
Special Precautions: Hypersensitivity to any ingredient
Contra Indications: Any established renal disease
Warning: Consult your dietician for optimum uses, do not exceed recommended dose
Replevin is ideal supplement for hardcore workout recovery due to it’s natural herbal extract.
All claims are based on various studies and data available on internet, books & journals and not verified by any authority, or FSSAI.

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